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Hononoy Donuts

Global quality of Iranian brand

Donut is a very popular and international meal that is offered in the various forms in the most countries by some of chain coffee shops such as Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Donut is so popular in the U.S that June 7 has been designated as Donut world day. Due to the vast variety of this product and its different tastes, this sweet can be serve for all ages and taste. Because of that we offer donuts with the best quality along with a variety of hot drinks, special desserts, juices as chain coffee shop. Hononoy Donut chain coffee shops are designed to provide a happy and fun place for families and their children, friendly meetings and young couples.

Hononoy Donut chain coffee shop group with more than 10 representatives in different cities of Iran is ready to provide services to the business managers. After completing and sending application form, you can wait for the call of our experts.

Hononoy Donut chain coffee shops with strong management and support team accepts you request for obtaining representation throughout the country.

Varied and delicious

All kinds of donuts

Bastani ha
Attractive and delicious

All kinds of ice creams

Shake ha
sweet and sour

Special styles

Attractive and unique

Special desserts

Snickers Donut

Dark chocolate with chocolate sneakers and almonds

Smartin donut

Orange chocolate with truffle decoration

Nutella glass donut

Dark chocolate with waffle and nutella chocolate decoration

Ice cream concoction

Ice cream, nuts, fruits and ...

Chocolate Paradise

Ice cream, chocolates, chocolate biscuits and ...

Freaky Fruit

Ice cream, fruit and cream and ...

Shake blueberry

Blueberry ice cream, golden, cream and ...

Shake Unicorn

Strawberry ice cream, cream, marshmallow and ...

Shake Nutella

Ice cream, Nutella chocolate, Golden cream and ...

Vitamin confection

Ice cream confection , banana, pineapple, nuts and ...

Chalice Fruit

Ice cream, fruit, cream, chocolate and ...


Roasted donuts, ice cream, fruit, chocolate, etc.


Hononoy Donuts coffee shop chain group in the form of a powerful franchise in Iran in Iran and other countries gives representation and franchise rights.

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دونات چیست

What Is Donut?

A donut is a small ring-shaped cake made of special enriched dough. This Confection is eaten as a snack along with a cup of coffee, tea or milk.
Hononoy Donuts Chain Group offers different types of donuts to satisfy all tastes.

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