The History of Doughnut

Donut is a kind of ring-shaped confection, popular all around the globe because it tastes absolutely driven. The donut is commonly eaten as a snack along with a cup of coffee, tea or milk. This absolutely scrumptious snack is made from rich dough that is fried in boiling oil.

Anecdotal evidence shows that it was Dutch settlers who introduced the first oily cakes to America. These ancient cakes were similar to today’s donuts except for one thing: they were hole-less. Unlike Dutch people who filled the center of the donut, Americans were inclined to remove it so that the donut was cooked perfectly.

There is another story shows that the ring-shaped doughnut was cooked for the first time by a trading ship captain, Hansen Gregory, in 1847. What he did was to punch a hole in the middle of the dough ball with the ship’s tin pepper box before frying. The hole increased the exposure to the hot oil, and thus eliminated the doughy uncooked middle of the donut. Indeed, the new version of donut was tastier and cooked better than before.

According to Gregory, it was his mother who taught him how to cook puffy and spongy donuts by using nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnuts, walnuts, lemons, and so on.



National Doughnut Day

The first Friday of June is celebrated as National Donut Day in America. On this day, many bakeries, confectionary shops, and coffee shops offer donuts to customers free of charge.

This day began during World War I, when the Salvation Army dispatched women to front lines to provide meals for the soldiers.

As it was desperately hard for volunteers to prepare freshly baked food during tough days of war, they came up with a new idea. In fact, ladies found out preparing donuts was an easy way to satisfy soldiers’ hunger promptly.

They would even use helmets as a tool to fry up seven donuts simultaneously.

In 1938, The Salvation Army created National Doughnut Day to honor those wise and brave women who delivered doughnuts to troops and gave soldiers moral support. 

Differences Between The Donut And Piroshki

Although the donut and piroshkis are typically ring shaped and have commonly the same appearance, there are dramatic differences between them.

Generally speaking, the donut is nutritious, healthy, and mouth-watering compared to the piroshkis.

The history of piroshkis in Iran may date back to 1320s. When piroshkis spread throughout Iran, the recipe of it was undergone some major and minor changes (based on the location).

In fact, piroshki is no different from a deep-fried hamburger bun or bread. The main ingredient of it, is white flour which has very little nutritional value (almost nothing that our body needs).

The Piroshki is unhealthy to consume as it is high in saturated fats. But in contrast, the donut has a low level of trans fats.And you do not even feel that the donut contains any cooking oil when eating it, because of the soft fluffy texture of it.

The donut is a great source of nutrition as it is made from milk, eggs, and even enriched flour. All these ingredients are vital for our health as they are rich in protein.


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