Hononoy donuts Chain Coffee Shops

Hononoy Donuts chain coffee shop group

About us

What is the meaning of Hononoy Donut?

This word is derived from the Iranian language and culture specially Shiraz city (SW Iran). This word was more common in the Hakhamaneshian period and means fantastic or Masterpiece work.

The idea of formation

After different examination and researches on tastes in the different cities of Iran, the idea which is about merging production industry and the real Franchise was founded to not only provide conditions for Entrepreneurship but also, resolve the main problems in the Franchise industry.

Raw material supply

The Hononoy Donut main factory believes that in order to have a coordinated quality control system, all the main raw materials of the branches in the central factory should be produced under the supervision of their experienced and specialized experts, and then the process of packaging, transportation and sending to the branches should be under Hygienic conditions.

The main customers

The Hononoy Donut chain group has a wide range of customers such as children, teenagers, youngers which offering a variety of hot and fresh donuts, specialty coffees, a variety of coffee shop cakes with hot and cold drinks and a variety of special desserts with a beautiful and relaxing environment.

The future and the vision

The Hononoy Donut chain group with global purpose believes that by relying on its growing knowledge and ability and providing the most complete services in various fields, relying on its community of loyal and regular customers, it has gone one step for further development and expand Franchise industry in Iran.

The Hononoydonut chain coffee shops aim

The main aim of Hononoy Donut chain coffee shops is supply and sale of health-oriented food, with high quality which has a great variety along with providing the best services to its customers.