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Important introduction

Most applicants are employee or graduates or businessmen who want to change jobs. From experience, most people think that they will succeed if they have the standard of serving products and designing the décor of a new shop and the right to use the paintings of a certain brand, unaware that this is only 10% of the way to success.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few Iranian brands that deliver 100% of the path to the success in the form of a real franchise to our audience and guarantee their success. The greatest service that a chain group can do to an applicant is to turn you into a professional business manager after at least a year, which is itself guarantees your future careers and future in any job.

Enter another, you will succeed because you have learned the way of business. The founder of the Hononoy donut, Kourosh Amirian, has reached a chain of branches from a small booth in a small passage. After years of hard work and experience with his professional team, he has achieved a business system that in the Hononoy Donut franchise template delivers you and guarantees your success.

Benefits and Services of Receiving Donut Chain Branch Agency Representation

1. Business management system.
Full implementation of the new Hononoy
Donuts business management system
2. Support by the Hononoy Donuts central factory (all the necessary products will end to the agency by central factory)
3. Presenting all the design available in the dealership by the decoration design team.
4. Providing all the necessary trainings for setting up and managing the business.
5. Specialized consolations in the fields of human resource management, advertising, sales, legal affairs, finance, etc.
6. providing the equipment needed to be set up by the support team.
7. Implementing an integrated CRM system in all agencies.
8. Has the strongest and most complete coffee shop menu in the country.

Representation processes

1. Registering the information of the applicant through the website. 
2. Checking the information registered by the Hononoy Donuts expert team during a one working week. 
3. Contacting the experts to accept the application, providing additional explanations. 
4. Attending the company’s head office, completing the document, Contract 
5. Finding a suitable property in the desired city 
6. Equipping the décor and buying the devices. 
7. Hiring the required manpower by the representative
8. Training 
9. Opening

The Purpose of the business consultants of the Hononoy Donuts chain group

The purpose of the business advisors of the Hononoy Donut chain group, based on the principles of a professional ethics, is to provide the best solution and advice for making a safe and risk-free investment based on the experiences of starting a new Hononoy Donuts business in Iran.

It should be noted that if according to the above principles, investing in the Hononoy Donut collection is not interest of the applicant for any reason, the advisors of the Hononoy Donuts chain group will provide you by reasonable and necessary explanations and guidance and observe the principle of honesty. They will stop investing in Hononoy Donuts collection.


It usually takes 2 or 3 weeks from the time of registration of the applicant’s application for representation, initial review, and the processes of responding to applicants, final approval, and the conclusion of the contract.

Ability to manage people and human resources physical ability to perform at least 10 hours of work in the first year of operation if the representative is only an investor must introduce a person with the mentioned management capabilities.   

The minimum number of people required is 8 people who will work in different positions such as janitor, cashier, kitchen staff and etc.

All the raw materials needed to supply, serve, design and sell the products on the menu are supplied and send by the central factory.

The shop to be set up must have an area at least 80 to 100 meters and a width of at least 5 meters and a height of at least 280 centimeters and have water, electricity and sewage.

Yes. In small cities exclusively and in metropolises and provincial centers, taking into account various factors such as population density, size, it is assigned regionally by observing the monopoly of area and population.

For more information, fill out the dealership application form now so that our experts can contact you.

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